In the Line of fire – Duniya Se Duniya Walon Se

Fairy tales are so great – they make you forget about real life for a while and dream about a life where anything and everything is possible. Fairies, demons, cruel kings and regal princes, a pauper realizing that he is a prince long lost…the last one has to be a hot favorite because everyone likes and secretly wishes for that to be true.

In the film Bagavat, which was released in 1982, such a fantasy comes true for Amar Singh (Dharmendra). Till he became a young man, he was under the impression that he was a gypsy couple’s child. Only when he falls in love with the Princess Padmavati (Hema Malini) does he realize that the evil king is not the true heir to the throne, and that it should be rightfully his. All this because his father was murdered by his trusted aides when Amar was just an infant. A tale full of betrayal, frustration, love and royalty- what is missing to get the perfect Bollywood mix? Absolutely nothing.

Not only was the movie a hit, but the songs too made quite a splash. The song “Duniya se duniya walo se” is the title track of the movie. It starts off really well and is peppy and lively – the way early love is. The song is a light bantering between two lovers where they talk about the world and how it means absolutely nothing what it thinks – all that truly matters is love. Instead of being a really emotionally heavy song, this one delivers the point home whilst being a great tune to listen to.

The lead singers – Asha Bhonsle and Mahendra Kapoor have done full justice to the track – maintaining the importance of the emotions conveyed and at the same time making it cheerful. Asha Bhonsle has done a particularly good job; especially with the shayari at the beginning of the song – beautifully sung the way only she can make it happen.


Next up, we need to acknowledge the solid music score provided by the music maestros – Laxmikant Pyarelal. They are the ones who make the song so different – it has an ethnic feel to it and the music is just perfect for it – not too much, not too less.

The lyrics are also very good – through a song, the director has managed to cut out what would have taken at least a good 20 minutes of drama and dialogue. The lovers speak about their doubts and fears in the song and in return get beautifully phrased answers which lay all their problems to rest. Greatly done, a very clean job.

To compliment all the above mentioned, we have the perfect pair in this song – Hema Malini and Dharmendra. These two actors light up the screen with their chemistry and likewise, in this song too they have made the sparks fly. Pulled off with great aplomb, they lend their magic to the song.
All in all, a really fun song to hear and watch. Makes you believe in fairy tales.

Download – Duniya Se Duniya Walon Se
Singers – Asha Bhonsle & Mahendra Kapoor
Music – Laxmikant – Pyarelal

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