Peace offering to Asha .. Himesh in news again

Himesh Reshammiya offers yet another peace offering to Asha Bhonsle. He will incorporate the song ‘Mehbooba’ in his film instead of using it as a promo video.

Himesh Reshammiya surely knows to how to grab the limelight. After we wrote about Mallika Sherawat being the surprise package in his debut film Aap Ka Surroor, now we hear that the song ‘Mehbooba’, which was supposed to be used as a promotional video, is now a part of the film. The song is a tribute to composer R D Burman and Himesh has incorporated the song in the film to more to pacify Asha Bhonsle, than anything else.

A source from the unit says, “The producer of the film Vijay Taneja had bought the rights of the song ‘Mehbooba’ from Universal and Himesh was supposed to shoot this song with Mallika Sherawat for the promotional video.

Earlier Himesh had gone to Asha Bhonsle and apologised for his comments about R D Burman and Ashaji was kind enough to do the song for him. Now taking another step forward, Himesh has decided to use the song in the film instead.

The song will be shot on a specially designed set in May end. Now the duration of the song will be longer and Ashaji is thrilled with the news. The song will be Himesh’s tribute to R D Burman and Asha Bhonsle, who incidentally were the original singers of the song.”

Himesh says, “It is true that I have decided to incorporate the song in the film now. It was an afterthought. I intend to have a grand picturisation of the song this month in Mumbai.”

Talking about his patch-up with Asha Bhonsle, he says, “Ashaji has a big heart. I apologised to her and she was very sweet to me. She has done a wonderful song for me. I feel honoured that I got an opportunity to sing a classic number ‘Mehbooba’ with her.”

credit-source: KUNAL M SHAH, Times of India

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  1. Nazir Patel Says:

    I would have liked Himesh to compose an original song for inclusion in his movie besides Mehbooba.

  2. prati Says:

    Dear Ashatai Bhonsle,

    Mee tumhala ati manpoorvak sangu ichchite ke tumhi swataha Sa Re Ga Ma – Zee TV chya karyakramat Himesh Reshamiya ityadinchya pangtit baslat ha tumcha mothepana. Pan tumhi tya itaranna tyanchya ragache va vaifalya che pradarshan karu dyayla prakhartene nakarle pahije.

    Tasech, amchya, gelya kityek peedhyanchi, va yenarya anek anek pidhyanchi “SURANCHI TAHAN” tumhi, Lata tai, Rafi, Kishore Kumar, suman Kalyanpur, Manna Dey, Mukesh Mahendra Kapoor, Bhimsen Joshi, Sudhir Phadke, Bismillah Khan Allah ra khan, ityadi Khudda Swargatun naisargik rittya, apan hoon alelya gandharvanni bhagavli aahe, bhagvat ahat and bhagwat rahal.

    Mag Sa Re Ga Ma sarkhya ati commercial karyakramanchi ashya paddhati ni bomba-bomb karun gayak koni hi shodhnyachi kahi ek garaj nahi.

    Ashatai, Tumheen swataha nehmi tumchya Marathi ganyancha hi ullekh karun janate la tyanchi aathvan thevnyas madat keli pahije. Urmila Matonkar yanna bahooda hi jaan aahe ase tyanchya tumchya baddalchya hallichya eka vaktavya varoon vatte. Tyanna hi ha maza nirop milalya ani tumhala hi milalyas mala phar ananda hoil.


    Swati Dike

  3. prati Says:

    Asha Tai,

    Tumhala tumchi hi gani athavtat ki nahin :-

    1. Naste Apule jeev Julale

    2. Suvasini cinemateel gani :-
    a. Jevalaga Kadhi re yesheel tu, ….. ityadi

    3. Dur vha sajana yeu naka pudhe …. with Manna Dey — picturised on Mehmood and Shbha Khote

    4. Divya Divyanchi jyot sangate Tujhi ni majhi preeti

    5. Naveen Aale Saal Aj la, Ujed padla nava, Diva lavite Diva

    6. a hindi master-piece :- Baj uthengi hare kanch ki choodiyan

    I request you and Urmila Matondkar to reply on this id of mine.

    The public and the Maharashtrian public should never and can never forget the effects of yours, Lata tai’s, Suman Kalyanpur’s and other artists’ contributions to this universe for ages to come. The human beings – be them singers, composers, poets, musicians born thus are really just divine. We thank God and that supernatural power for gifting us such eternal divinities during our life-time.

    All such beings may please accept my deepests respects. I have got an opportunity to touch the feet of Lata Tai once. May God bless you all.

    Thanks and please get in touch, as I wish to personally meet you with my full family, specially husband and daughter.

    Swati Dike

  4. Er.Devitosh Acharya Says:

    Ashajee Pranaam. i am a music composer from Orissa.I request u to sing for a bhajan album for Lord Jagannath which u have sang never before.It will a privilege to the Oriya audiences.I am going to contact u ,plz do this favour for me

  5. radjesh Says:

    Nightingale Asha Bhosle – we all love you in Holland. You are the best singer in the world. Nightingale Asha there will never be another singer like you . You have everything. We love you.

    Asha Bhosle is the best

  6. pupoon Says:

    Asha tai Pranaam .i was hurt by ur negligence towards our oriya sentiments i.g; our God, the Lord of the Universe “Lord Jagannath”.The Great and Unique Ratha Yatra festival is over, but we Oriya people dint get a chance to listen a Jagannath Bhajan(Oriya) in ur voice.Still we pray the God almighty to nourish ur voice with his blessings and may u long live for another 5 decades.

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