Asha vs Himesh

A tiff broke out between Asha Bhosle and Himesh Reshammiya on the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for:The fifth episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa began with an opening song “Tainu leke main jaavanga” sung by Aditya Narayan. Ashaji complimented the four mentors in her own uncanny way saying “It is really miraculous how the four mentors are sharing the same platform today.” A surprise visit by Sunidhi Chauhan added flavor to the show.

The show started fancifully and nobody could have even guessed that they were about to witness a tiff between Himesh Reshammiya and exponent Asha Bhosle.

A big verbal disagreement between Ashaji and Himesh regarding Mussarat Abbas, the Pakistani contestant, singing only Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s or Rafiji’s songs lead to a controversy of sorts, arguments and displeasure amongst the mentors with Ashaji in the spot light.

Mussarat Abbas had been singing same kind of songs in every performance, to which Ashaji objected. She demanded that Abbas sing a different kind of song so as to fairly judge his versatility and talent. Himesh Reshammiya, his mentor, counter objected saying to it that when he knows he is good in this genre why should he try something different. Vishal and Shekhar also intervened for Himesh. As a result a tiff broke out between them. To offer a climax, Mussarat sang two lines of a song suggested by Ashaji. Himesh was so overwhelmed by his rendition that he promised to give him a break no matter what happens to him in this competition.

“To see two great icons fighting for you is not only over-whelming but confusing too. I hardly knew what I was supposed to do. I don’t have a style as such. But inadvertently it happened that the songs I chose were from the same genre. The response I got from the audience, mentors and judges after I showed my singing capabilities was awe-inspiring. I will have to work harder now with more responsibility to shoulder,” maintained a mystified Mussarat.

Mussarat had lost all hopes and confidence because of this controversy. He was very much confused as if he sings different kind of songs; his performance would not be up to the mark and if he sings similar songs, his image would be tarnished in front of Ashaji.

But it looks as if he has a long way to go, especially with Himesh cheering for him!


21 Responses to “Asha vs Himesh”

  1. Neha Says:

    It’s great that Himesh is doing so well right now. But if you listen to his music carefully… EVERYTHING SOUNDS THE SAME and his voice is absolutely irritating.

    Furthermore, his attitude, arrogance, and ignorance is completely undesirable. He thinks he is the king of all music and knows everything. Watching him and the way he communicates to legends like Asha Bhosle, it’s ridiculous. When a person lacks respect for his peers and colleagues who have preceded him, he will lose respect. Good job to Himesh for all of hits… but if he wants to keep it up… he needs learn some humbleness, manners and respect! It might help him stay!

    And he needs to close the buttons to his shirt… for god sake!!!

  2. Faith Says:

    Ohh shut up youu!! Your soo jealous!! Himesh is the best.. Asha’s time is gone she was a legend haha not any more she is disgusting noww!! Himesh jee is at least Sexy and he sing very well!! And his songs are greatt and its asha voice that is absolutely irritating.

  3. cindy Says:

    I agree with what Neha has to say. Himesh can not compare himself to the living legend Diva Asha. Who can even suggest that Ashaji’s time has gone. No singer has accomplished what she has. Keep in mind this lady is almost 75 and still is singing, not only is she still singing but has done what no other indian playback singer has done. She has sang songs with international singers. I agree with Neha Himesh has done very well for himself, but yes his songs do all sound the same. Faith you can not disrepect a legendary singer Ashaji, in fact you can’t even compare the two. Ashaji has been in the industry for over 50 years. Lets see if Himesh can survive that long. These days singers last only so long the only other singer of today that i know has really made a mark for himself and is versatile is Sonu Nigam. In saying this all these young singers need to learn to hae respect for their mentors. My honest opinion is there are very few in this industry that will leave a lasting impression on the public for years to come like the Legends such as Rafi saab, Kishoreji, Lataji, R.D Burman, Mukeshji, Ashaji. Today’s generation still sing and know songs that were sung by these amazing legends. I very much doubt that the singers of today will be remembered in the years to come the way these singers are still being praised and loved.

    Todays singers need to be more humble and not try to humiliate and disrespect the Legendary singers. Yes they have achieved alot in life in such a short amount of time, but they do not even come close to the status these legendary singers have accomplished in their careers. They are merely the voices of this generation and very unlikely will have longivity in the industry that the likes of Ashaji has.

    Faith what reason does Neha have to be jealous. She is just voicing her opinion just as you have voiced yours. What would she have to gain from being jealous over a singer. Lets be realistic in the matter. There is NO comparison between the two singers at ALL.

  4. Anvita Says:

    I hate himesh reshmaiyaa….he is not only monotonous but also, ugly…

    For crying out loud…did you ever look at his ugly face and all that hair…OMG …looks like a grisly bear broke loose…

    He sings the same song over and over and over and over and over again

    Exact same piece of music and he changes the words….

    Get some talent himesh…and while you are at it,….get a razor blade too to shave off those grisly bear hair…

  5. Saurabh Says:

    Well with due respect let me tell you that it’s not about how Himesh sings and whether you hate or love Asha/Himesh. The point is that in a competition like this everyone has a right to sing what he or she wants to and judgesmust not force them to sing anything specific to their choice. I agree to Himesh, not because i am his biggest fan, but on the moral ground that he being the mentor of Mussarat has full rights to train him the way he think is right. What Asha ji i trying to do here is like interfering with the way a teacher teaches. If she thinks Himesh is too bad then it should be kept as a personal feeling and should not affect her decision as a judge. We all know that Great singers have their style. So has Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and you cant say that they have to be versatile as Asha or Lata since Asha cannot sing the way Jennifer Lopez sings or vice versa.

    Lastly let me tell you that i am one of the biggest fan of Asha ji and Himesh as well.

    What Himesh says is correct you have to make your own way and style as there are many singers who are good but cannot enter the market as existing players would not let them come in. Same as Lata and Asha never let any other female singer some into the market until they were ruling the market…even Anuradha Podwal had to take the ladder of T Series.

    We have to be practical and accept the thing that music is an Industry and if you are not any better or different you cant sell ! Musraat is different and a great singer.


  6. Salman Says:

    Himesh Himesh Himesh………………………………………………………
    It’s only fun when they argue and that’s entertainment. I am sur he has respect for Asha ji…………. but he is just expressing his oppinions, and this what leads to arguments. I can understand Himesh and his cooments

  7. Pradeep Says:

    Asha bhonsle has no right to tell that she will slap himesh whatever the matter amy be….
    that too in front of the media
    May be himesh was wrong…
    but asha bhonsle has commited a bigger mistake.. she is hopeless

  8. Suneil Says:

    Saurabh, Faith and Pradeep, I know from your comments as a whole that you are experts in music like your asshole, arrogant, obnixious, copycat,disrespectful
    SOB himesh. Ashaji has to teach him basics of music, he didnot even know what was Aakar and Aakri in Hindustani music. He is the music pirate of highest order. This idiot with the help of peer to peer sites, electronic gadgets and that sufi shit is copycating everything from everywhere. He is the biggest chor in the history of music. Hope he gets caught, in fact I am decyphering his songs and trying to find out how he has copied and from whom. I am going to expose this guy. And once I find out he will have to face the music of piracy laws. Himesh is the biggest chor. Trust me I am on this guy. You know sometimes people’s loud mouth is their biggest enemy once he said something like” oh I have 5000 tunes ready for recording”. Wait a minute, you have songs ready? What do you have Himesh, Chinease assembly line of recording music? I can bet anyone in this world, if he sits across the real geniuses, gurus and pundits of music he will self destruct. Listen this guy is the friend of the Killer Salman that tells me a lot about him. Other day he said to that Paki singer, I am going make it sure that he has roti in his house and all other crap. Look another Gujju Gaandu Gandhi in the making. What next, shed his clothes and put on famous “Gandhi Wear”. Grow up man act like a responsible person, and for christ’s sake take of that topi, and go take a shower, your stink is ruining my apetite.

  9. himesh hater Says:

    as far as da argument of who is better is concerned neone is better dan himesh his dirty nasal voise with dat wolfman beard left unshaven 4 years,da many many songs he’s sung which all sound da same thanks to dat irritating creepy nasal voice keeps wailin all da time and seems to humm da same bloody tune day in & day out in all da channels the idiot is da gr8est eva disaster dat happened to indian music.doesnt know how to respect his peers n legends wid dat big headed i m da best attitude da dirty cap wearin style wit da mike held up to his hairy nose makes him even worse.doesn let ne opportunitygo by to start shoutin in da television soaps… wise of dem to invite him 4 sure!!

  10. Vj Says:

    I admire some of himesh’s compositions but not his singing. He has become a complete JERK and ASS#$%@ !!!! It can clearly be noticed that success has gone over his head. I didn’t like at all the way he argued and commented on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. He doesn’t have any respect for a legend like Ashaji and RD Burman and he doesn’t know that ‘Ashaji ke saamne to woh kuchh bhi nahi hei’. I can gurantee that in few years of time he’ll be gone with the wind and he’ll be completely doomed.

    Himesh Reshammiya HAAI HAAI

  11. Varun Prasad Says:

    Himesh Reshmaiyya may be the most untalented and insulting figure in the musical industry at the moment, but he is a very smart man nonetheless. By milking the media and pulling off nifty promotion schemes, he has managed to convince half of India he can sing. Hats off for that.

    However, because of his obvious lack of any singing talent, and the constant repetition of beat-heavy nasal nonsense he dishes out, it will only be a matter of time before he simply fades away into nothingness. Notice how it takes controversial comments to keep him in the limelight these days, but all he does is lose more and more respect. His craze is dying and soon enough it will be the Rahman’s and the Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy’s who will dominate the charts once again.

    Enjoy it Himesh, you’re almost done.

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  19. manali Says:

    Ashaji is really a great singer,i like her.But i did not expect her to try to underestimate someone like Himeshji,who has earned the same in only 2years,for which she took around 40 long years.Himeshji is so down to earth that he himself agrees that he is not too great..but his compositions are far far greater than anyone elses.And thats the reason why people love him.i love himeshji…keep doing well And let others be JEALOUS of you.

  20. sunny Says:

    sunil u r a cows shit and i know why ur appitie is stinking, because u eat cow shit and drink its pee,so keep it up and forget about himash.u donot know except the penis u sucks whole day whole night.

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