UK gourmets now have a great place to eat!

May 6, 2007

Asha’s the eatery in Dubai and Kuwait turned out to be a major hit and now has extended to UK. The UK gourmets have yet another place to wet their appetite. Her first eat-out joint in UK in Birmingham has become a great attraction for its exotic desi-food for the British palate.

Asha who has sung over 12000 songs, has an equal passion for cooking as she has for singing. The flavour of music probably has been blended in the mouth watering dishes that are served in her eatery. She is said to have spent a good three months in preparing the exotic menu for the restaurant, which caters traditional and contemporary dishes. The special menu on the card – RDB’s favourite dishes that she has included in memory of her late husband, the music composer R.D. Burman.

“We picked up something from Punjab, something from Maharashtra, and by picking up bits and pieces from many places I prepared the menu,” Asha told Curry Life, a culinary magazine.

“My father was a big stage artist and classical singer, and he liked to eat good food. Every morning he ate chicken and in the evening fish, every day, so we were also eating that food with him; we liked good food. Now I am not eating that every day, but I like to cook good food,” she said.

By the end of 2007, rest of UK – in Leicester, Manchester and London will have more outlets.

“The menu at Asha’s is both extensive and exotic, and includes enticements like Jheenga Ajwain Waala (jumbo prawn kebabs) and Dhaniya Murg (chicken cooked in a coriander seed and cashew nut gravy) alongside a cornucopia of cocktails, breads and deserts” as stated in one of the daily’s.

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