Opposites Attract

Asha Bhosle has been a very prominent presence in the Indian film industry- no one can deny that. In her career spanning over 4 decades, she has worked for 925 films and most of them turned out to be block busters. In a world where you get singers dime a dozen, she has reigned with her magical voice.

Robbie Williams has come a long way in life. After starting out as a member of the highly successful boy band Take That, he split to go solo and he has gone the whole way. Today, he has albums which have got gold and platinum and are held in high regard for his voice and performances.

Are you wondering why we are talking about two people who have no connection absolutely? Who are poles apart in every which way? Well, they might be different, but there is something larger that connects the two of them- music. They are both true music lovers and they live to create music. So now, they have come together to blend their differences into sheer magic which will captivate all our hearts.

These two maestros have come together to record a duet for a singer’s special edition album. We can all imagine how special this one is going to be. They have chosen two of Robbie’s most famous songs- Rock DJ and Better Man. The words might be the same, but the songs surely won’t. This time around, these songs will have the Indian touch thanks to Asha and a lot of Indian instruments have been used too. Insiders say that the songs are absolutely smashing.

The most surprising part is that Asha and Robbie did not have to spend hours over it in a recording studio. In fact, Asha has already done her part of the songs. She did this right here in Mumbai with instrumentalists from China, Hong Kong , Singapore…wow! Well, you got to have the best to get the best right? So her parts are being worked on in Hong Kong by Morton Wilson from Schtung Studios and will be re- recorded there to form a whole new song. Technology makes life so much simpler and our choices so much more varied right?

But this is not the first time that Asha Bhosle has worked with international stars. She has worked with the likes of Nelly Furtado, Boy George, Michael Stripes…her fame and talent is truly widespread. This is the first time that she has worked with Robbie Williams and the fact that their styles are so different makes it all the more interesting. Trailer of the two numbers are available and they look and sound truly great. Rock DJ has a Bollywood touch to it while Better Man is more spiritual and soothing to the senses.

The songs are so good that Sony Ericsson and Hutch have teamed up to make it available exclusively to their users. Word is out that the songs might be used in future movies too…wow! So it won’t be long before we see the two in a stage show- this time, jamming for real!

(courtesy:user sranjanm2002) Watch the video clip on youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq6TL_ezBpo

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