Legacy – 16th –18th Century Music From India

Legacy is a collection of wonderful music that reflects the heart of India. This wonderful symphony is created by the beautiful association of the famous trios in Indian classical music, Ali Akbar Khan, Asha Bhonsle and Swapan Chaudhuri. The original CD of Legacy was released in 1996.

The vocal by Asha Bhonsle, the Sarod by Ali Akbar Khan, and the Tabla by Swapna Chaudhuri – the perfect combination of the powerful three resulted in the long-term success of another classical Indian music saga, the Legacy.

Legacy consists of a series of 12 songs, including one guru bandana, played by Ali Akbar Khan. Among the other,11 songs are the most favorites of all times in different ragas, such as Bhairavi, Bhupali, Sankara Bharan, Sankara Karan, Mian Ki Malhar, Bhimpalasri, Adana, Gour Sarang, etc. These are the classical ragas that have flowed over the souls of millions of Indians over a period of time.


Legacy can be called as one of the brilliant collections of the music of the world. There are five different Taranas sung in this classic collection. The Taranas are one of the popular old classic music of India. They are characterized by soft melodies, often repeated in different variation, according to different ragas.

The world famous Asha Bhonsle proved her competence by singing a variety of ragas in the Legacy. Her versatility is displayed in expressing the different moods of different ragas with a perfect blend of classic melody. The sincere attempt made by the creators of Legacy in bringing the best of the Indian music deserves the best accolades that can be offered for such a creation. The Legacy, since its launch, has been moving on the path of success, by conquering millions of hearts in India and abroad. It contributed another piece of Indian Art in the form of music to the world and thus helped to boost the reputation of the Indian music in foreign countries.


Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, the Swar Samraat, who devoted his life for the classical music, is an unquestionable name in the Indian music. His contribution in the form of Legacy made another significant milestone for the Indian music. The Sarod Samrat surpassed many notable performers of the age with his enchanting musical skills and in-depth knowledge in the Indian classic music.

Legacy, however, cannot be considered as the hard-to-understand typical classical Indian music. It is suitably made for the common aesthetics of the Indian light music. The inability of the Indian classic music to penetrate the common minds has been questioned by many music maestros over a period of time. The sophisticated ragas and the intricate music compositions had made the Hindustani music stay away from the hearts of the simple man.


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Legacy, the attempt made by the noble trios of Indian music, is an answer to the critics’ concern over the dying Indian music. The simplicity and the melodic rhythm of this music collection take over the complexity of the music. It will add a pleasing note to even the ears of the ‘Aam Admi’ who does not have the basic knowledge of the ragas and talas.

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