Padmavibhushan for Asha Bhonsle!

The singing Diva finally has been chosen to be bestowed with Padmavibhushan award for this year along with Justice (Dr.) A.S Anand, PN Dhar, foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee (all three for public affairs), Dr E Sreedharan, and Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri for science and engineering, Late Mr Edmund Hillary (Posthumous), Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Viswanathan Anand (all three for sports), Lakshmi Narayan Mittal, N R Narayana Murthy, PRS Oberoi, Ratan Naval Tata (all four for trade and industry), who will also receive the Padmavibhushan award. She is among the 119 recepients of the prestigious national honors.

She has been reigning for over 60 years now. She has bagged many prestigious awards, including the National Award and the Dada Saheb Phalke Award. From Madhubala to Helen to reigning super heroines like Kareena Kapoor and Urmila Martondkar, Asha Bhonsle’s evergreen voice bound them all.

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  1. Nazir Patel Says:

    Earlier in 2007 I wrote to Sonia Gandhi and the Indian Government to consider Asha Bhosle for the prestigious Bharat Ratna. It seems to me that they decided that there can be only one Bharat Ratna ( lata ) and honoured Asha Tai with Padma Vibhusan. I am glad for Asha Didi. She has always kept a step forward inspite of the new singers and always keeps reinventing and is bust every year with her live concerts.

  2. AK Says:

    Good news for all Asha Bhosle fans. A live show of Asha Bhosle is organizaed on Feb 9, 2008. More information and tickets available at or

  3. Hussein Sheikh Says:

    Nice that Asha ji got Padmavibhushan, but Mohammed Rafi Saheb deserves a Bharat Ratna much earlier.

  4. darius kakalia Says:

    Congratulations Ashaji for winning the Padma Vibhushan! However the belated honour is much too insignificant for an artiste of your larger than life stature.You deserve nothing less than the Bharat Ratna,being the most recorded singer in the history of world music with an awesome tally of over 12,000 songs.Interesting to note over here that a decade or so ago the name of the fraudlent claimant Lata Mangeshkar was expunged by the Guiness Book Of Records authorities on the shocking revealation that the media touted saintly lady had a meagre and miserable 3,000 and not the fabricated 30,000 song output to her credit at the time of filing of the claim.The above truth was widely known within Bollywood music circles and bewildered serious radio listeners but who was to say that the Empress wore no clothes? Certainly not HMV where all the top executives owed their jobs to this “gracious Lady” but with the publication of Harminder Singh’s scholarly Encyclopedia Of Film Songs the cat was finally out of th bag and it so transpired that for four decades straight it was you Ashaji who should have been the rightful recepient of the international name and fame shamelessly stolen by your sister.What many in India do not know is that you refused to succumb to the pressure of signing papers which would have gained you an instantaneous entry into the Guiness Book in a bid to save your internationally disgraced sister from further shame and infamy.Looks like the Indian junta and the Fourth Estate in particular have been touting the wrong sister as the “Great Lady” for all these decades!but then as the wise would aptly put it-SACCHE KA BOL BALA AUR JHOOTE KA MOONH KALA!!!!
    Darius K

  5. darius kakalia Says:

    Ref my comments about the great Guinness Book Fraud which “awaited moderation” all I can say is that it is high time journalists in particular show some integrity and refrain from Lata boot licking which they have spinelessly excelled at for four decades or more.My e-mail did not question Ms Mangeshkar’s talent.All it exposed was the shameless level to which a national icon could stoop in a bid to propogate her name and deprive her sister of her rightful place in the book.The anger and outrage should be rightlydirected towards the saintly lady and her den of cohorts such as Raju Bharatan and the entire HMV cadre- the originators of this low down and shameful deed and not towards some one who merely has the moral courage and fearless gumption to speak the truth.all Ican say to all of you LOTA LUNATICS is that:SACH BOLNE SE PEHLE SACH SUNNE KI SALAHIYAT RAKHIYEE!!
    Darius kakalia

  6. unknow Says:

    Padmavibhushan is so small for Asha Bhonsle I think she should have Bharat Ratna because she singed 900 plus songs with Mohd Rafi,Asha ji pround that she singed 900 plus songs with Mohd Rafi same as her sister Lata Ji…..
    I think Naushad ALi,Madan Mohan,SJ,LP,OPN,Mr Bachchan and Pran in bollywood should have Bharat Ratna award befor Lata Ji(as I think)and in sport Sachin Tendulkar……………

  7. Nimesh Dand Says:

    Ashaji, receiving a padmavibhushan is excellent.
    She should have been conferred the same about long back in late eighties to be precise.
    “anyways deir aaye durust aaye”

    We should leave the comparisons aside between the two sisters because Lataji’s voice is superior to any singer in this world and Ashaji herself knows that.


    IT seems that some people think of themselves as greater musician than almost all the yesteryear bollywood composers (except O P NAYYAR) taken together.Firstly the belief that Lata Mangeshkar laid any claim before Guinness Book of World Records is a wrong.Only the publication is responsible for the wrong entry and not Lataji herselves.Secondly if she has not sung as much as 30000 songs she has not sung as less as 3000 either.Going by the comment of some it seems that the music companies,the media,the whole of Indian Public and all the music composers were in some conspiracy to deny Ashaji her share.


    People have this tendency to firstly praise somebody to the sky and then critisize them to no end.Just for record till 1991 Lataji had sung 5250 hindi film songs and Ashaji 7500 and not 12000 as claimed by many.And source of this data is Harminder Singh’s Saat Suron Ke Saath only which Mr.Darius Kakalia so proudly refers.How would these sane fans of Asha Bhosle react to S P Balasubramanium’s claim of having sung over 14000 songs?If Lataji was so powerful how was it possible that a composer like O P Nayyar came up with his unsolicited and nasty comment about her at a time when she was at her powerful best.And why composer after composer (S.D Burman,C Ramachandra and Shankar to name a few)came back to her after having vowed that they would never work with her?

  10. darius kakalia Says:

    Dear Mr Nimesh Dand,
    For your sake I do wish that I could generalize your rather over the top claim of “Lataji’s
    voice” being “superior to any other singer in the world”!!!! but unfortunately dude the bitter reality of the matter is that people of merit and substance think quite differently.Ironic is it not that Naushad Ali the composer responsible for propelling Ms Mangeshkar to the top should have stated in India Today that”ASHA’S CAREER ACHEIVEMENTS READ MORE THAN LATA’S”.OP Nayyar the greatest coposing legend of Cinema Music referred to Ms Bhosle as “A SINGER WHO COMES ONCE IN A CENTURY”.Anil Biswas a maestro no less himself told me once that he considerd Asha to be a much superior artiste than Lata. – a view endorsed by V. Shantaram,Ustaad Ali Akbar Khan and the Mallika-e Tarranum Noor Jehan along with Khursheed the legendary diva of “Tansen” and “Bhakt Surdas” fame to name just a few. Now tell me who should we believe? all these greats or a non entity such as you
    Kind Regards,
    Darius Kakalia

  11. darius kakalia Says:

    Dear Mr Dand,
    Hello again! More heart burn for you as i have just recollected a couple of further endorsements on the Asha Bhosle front vis a vis her sister Lata Mangeshkar.Mohammad Rafi the greatest male playback singer of all time was featured on Filmfare magazine’s cover in the early sixties.When asked to comment on the two clebrated divas Rafi Saab proudly declared for posterity:”My head bows down before Asha’s talent and versatility”.He further placed Asha second only to the great Noor Jehan and relegated Lata Mangeshkar to the third slot.Also Shammi Kapoor the biggest superstar of the sixties often referred to Asha as “The male Mohammad Rafi” and said that had it not been for Rafi Saab providing playback for him he would have definitely asked Asha Bhosle to do the needful!!!! Besides was it not Talat Mehmood who had said that”Asha’s voice has more variety than that of Lata”? Sudhir Phadke the greatest of the greats-the man who was in no small way responsible for shaping the Asha Legend also maintained about his brilliant disciple:”Asha is her own rival. She compares to no one but herself”.Finally let us all hear Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali’s evaluation of Asha Bhosle’s larger than life place in the history of songdom:”What Ashaji has managed to achieve in one lifetime other singers would perhaps need ten such lifetimes to come anywhere near”
    Warm Regards ,
    Darius kakalia

  12. Naukheznaeem Says:

    Its good that asha ji has won padmavibhushan but mohd rafi must be honoured by bharat ratna quite earlier

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